FTMS interface only uses simulated bike data

Apologies if this isn’t the right forum - Seems like some of the questions in here were more developer oriented/beyond user-facing bugs.

I’ve got an FTMS device that advertises both targeted resistance and targeted inclination control points via the FTMS Feature Characteristic (UUID 0x2ACC), however, Zwift sends the opcode for simulated bike data regardless (seems although it reads the FTMS feature characteristic it doesn’t adhere to it, simulated bike data support is not indicated). Is this expected? It seems the availability of the indoor bike data characteristic (UUID 0x2AD2) must automatically trigger the writing of simulated bike data regardless of the values in the FTMS Feature Characteristic. This is on Android 1.0.106218.

Hi @Nate_Greco welcome to Zwift forums.

This isn’t the really right community for your question. Have you tried the Developer’s Forum run by the ANT+ folks?

If your code is compliant with ANT’s FTMS specs, then it should work fine with Zwift and other apps that use FTMS.

Thanks for the reply - The BLE standard is independent of ANT+, I guess I’m posting it here because it seems Zwift hasn’t fully implemented the BLE FTMS specification (at least for Android). I’m wondering if Zwift has intention to fully implement it or if they’re migrating away from BLE?

Whoops, sorry, you’re absolutely right. ANT+ for FE-C questions, Bluetooth Consortium for FTMS questions.

Zwift has no plans to migrate away from either of these protocols as lthe trainer hardware industry isn’t either.

I guess my point is it doesn’t seem like Zwift has the FTMS client fully implemented on the Android app.