Sporadic Missing ZP Results

Hey everyone,

We’ve come to learn of an issue on ZwiftPower that is likely old hat for some of you, but which hasn’t been back in full force for some time now: results will not populate on ZwiftPower for certain riders after an event.

It seems to be sporadic, and because of this we aren’t able to reproduce the issue reliably on our end.

We’re looking into the issue right now and working to find a fix for it.

If your results are missing in the last week or so, read on to learn how you can help us help you:

  • Make sure your activities in Zwift are set to public
  • Provide us with your ZwiftPower profile ID (https:// zwiftpower. com/profile.php?z=USERID)
  • Provide us with the event ID your results are missing from (https:// zwiftpower. com/events.php?zid=EVENTID)
  • Provide any screenshots you might have to help elucidate the issue

Thanks everyone for your help!

The one thing that I have noticed with many of these cases is riders crossing the fishline and stopping and saving immediately after the event.

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Certainly not the case for me. I never end a Zwift session on a fractional KM or at the top of a climb :wink:. I have never seen the problem except for the ZA 2021 WOs. Looking back through results I see it happened on the Canyon Speedmax WO as well.

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We’ve found the cause of the issue, and are working on fixing it. I’m hopeful it should be fixed in ~2 weeks at most, though please understand it might be a little longer.

Thanks for those of you that sent info to us to help us track it down.