Spinning Chrono Power / iPhone Stopped Working


For several months I have been using Spinning Chrono Power bikes in the gym with Zwift. It used to work really well - connected very quickly, never lost connection etc.

As of this week though I have been unable to connect the bike to Zwift. I can connect the bike the Spinning App, so it’s not the bike or my phone, it must be the Zwift app.

Does anyone know if anything has changed to cause this? Are there any workarounds?


Hi @Henry_Gilroy,

Did you make any progress on this? I have also been using a Spinning Chrono Power bike with Zwift on my iPad Air 5th Generation but now can’t get the bike to appear in the Zwift App (latest version of Zwift 1.33.0 & IOS 16.3).

I was wondering if the problem is related to my iPad Updating to IOS16 but I am not sure how I can work around that if so. I also can’t get my iPhone 11 Pro IOS16.1.2 to show the bike as an option in Zwift. The Spinning App can see the bike but the phone IOS can’t, neither can Zwift.

I would fit my own pedals but the cranks don’t use a normal bike thread which adds to the frustration.

Any help would be appreciated



We’ve heard that 1.33.2 has been delivered to Apple, but may not have reached the app store yet. I have no idea if it will help you but it’s worth trying whenever that is available to you.

Hi @Paul_Southworth,

Thank you for the prompt reply. I will keep an eye out for the update and post an update if it helps.




No - I still haven’t found a solution. I did read somewhere else that it does still work with Microsoft but not iOS or Android.

Can anyone using a Microsoft laptop / table with Chrono Power confirm that?


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1.33.2 now available on iOS - has anyone managed to get that to work with Chrono Power?

Hi @Henry_Gilroy, I have tried with my iPhone and iPad both on 1.33.2 and was able to see the bike as an option in the power source. I have to confess I am not sure if this is due to 1.33.2 or if there was better wifi/cellular when I tested 1.33.2, I am not sure if no/a slow internet connection can prevent a Bluetooth power source being available. Good Luck!