Can a spinner chrono indoor bike connect with Zwift?

I only have a spinner Chrono bike to train this winter, so I tried to tie two speed/cadence sensor on the bike to connect Zwift(speed sensor on the wheel, cadence sensor on the crank). It worked, but could not work well, the power was away from accuracy(70W on Zwift and 160W on the bike screen). I did a search and found that Wahoo android app can connect the phone successfully(indeed, I tried)

So my requests are 1. Can a spinner Chrono indoor bike connect with Zwift as Wahoo app did? 2. Can you support an indoor bike option of speed sensor to make the virtual power be more accuracy? It would be fantastic if one of these functions can be conducted. And thank you Zwift, I had a good winter training experience on Zwift last winter.

BTW, I am running Zwift and Wahoo app on my Huawei P20 smartphone.

Hey Chen!

The Spinner Chronos isn’t on our list of supported indoor bikes, so while it may be able to connect, our system doesn’t have a functioning power curve to use for it, and the accuracy will be off.

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The spinner Chrono has a built in powermeter. It can connect to zwift via ant+ as a smart trainer, but I have not gotten ble to work.

Wow… so sorry for such a late reply. The Spinner Chrono works incredibly well with Zwift with very accurate power measurement. Here is a youtube link that will show you how to pair your Chrono with Zwift.

Note that the Spinner Chrono has a default setting from the factory where bluetooth pairing is turned off. Here is a video that shows how to turn on bluetooth pairing (this needs to be done only once).

Hope that helps. The Chrono is a great Zwift machine…super solid in every sprint and designed as a big umbrella to channel away any moisture. Have fun and see you in Watopia!