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Hey there,

my set up is wahoo cadence and speed sensors on a spinning bike. They are recognized in the wahoo app and Zwift also recognizes them. I also bought the monthly membership via iTunes, currently in the free 7 day trial. I tried closing the Wahoo app only having Zwift open.

But no matter what I do, my rider is not moving.

Any suggestions?

How is the speed sensor hooked up to the spin bike? Most spin bikes are not compatible with Zwift.

Here is the list of indoor bikes that are compatible.


Hi @Alex_Ven welcome to Zwift forums.
On our server logs, I see at Wahoo TickrX connected as a Run Speed device and not as a Heart Rate device. There’s also a Wahoo Cadence sensor connected as Bike Speed device.

The presence of two speed sensors may be creating a conflict. Would you try powering off the TickrX and see if that gets your avatar moving?

Assuming that gets the avatar moving, you may have to pair your sensors in a specific order. Please see this page of our support hub, and the note about β€œZpower” setup.


The bike itself is not smart but I use the wahoo add ons (Ant+ / Bluetooth) and Zwift recognises both add ons. They are displayed in the Zwift App. I deleted the Zwift App and re-installed it, now it picks up the speed from the speed wahoo add on, as well.

But the connection does not seem to be stable. I use the wahoo add on with other apps, too and the connection there is stable. So my initial problem, I managed to solve by re-installing Zwift. The new problem is now: that my speed and speeding changes is correctly displayed in my ride in the numbers on the left. As in: I pedal faster, my speed numbers go up, but my rider does not get faster or with a huge delay, other times it ignores my faster peddling all together, yet my displayed speed numbers are going up.

Any advice?


Alex Venetikidis

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