Inspire Fitness IC1.5 spin bike support

I recently purchased the Inspire Fitness IC1.5 bike from Costco. The bike has BLE support with their native iOS/Android app to display resistance, speed, cadence, power, but unfortunately their app is a very unfriendly experience. I’d love to use the bike with Zwift. Have any zwifters purchased the same bike and found ways to get it integrated? I’ve been trying to submit feedback to both InspireFitness and Zwift to see what it would take to get support, but no luck so far. I wonder if there are even 3rd party accessories that can “translate” the IC1.5 BLE data stream into something Zwift friendly, which I think is something I’ve seen other companies support.

Download Zwift and see if Zwift can pick up the BLE signal. Chances are it is encrypted so only their app can see but all you can do is try. If that does not work you will need some kind of power meter, easiest is pedals such as PowerTap, Garmin, Assioma, or SRM, to connect.


I have downloaded Zwift and tried to connect both power or spin “sensor” readings, but it wasn’t able to detect any. I looked into power meter pedals, but the cost of those is the same cost as the entire bike…

Is the best bet to see if the developer can update the firmware to broadcast an unencrypted BLE stream that Zwift can pick up? Is there a spec for this somewhere?

All you can do is ask the developer/company or find someone who can hack it. Certainly not in my skillset even if I was interested.

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