Totally new to Zwift and exercise bike riding

Hi all,
This is my first post here.
I am a total newbie to exercise bike riding and zwift.
I am pretty unfit and decided it’s time for change. For several weeks now I have been walking a couple of miles a day, doing some exercises with my son and just invested in a good quality Used spin bike .

Looking at all the bike apps, zwift was the one that stood out as colourful, engaging and fun.

Unfortunately Zwift will not work on my iPad 4th gen but will work on my iPhone 7 Plus .
I am awaiting on a Garmin speed sensor to fix to the spin bikes wheel to enable Zwift to work.

I realise the phone screen is not great, but it’s a start.
There is a Samsung 55” tv hung on the wall in the same room as the bike.

Would Apple TV box get Zwift onto the tv via my phone?

I need to gradually build up my fitness level and currently 20 mins is about my max having just got the bike and being pretty much sedentary for far too long.

Any advice with set up, beginners use of zwift ( easy programmes) etc very much appreciated .
Thank you

Hi @Mark_O_Reil, welcome to Zwift and the forums!

What spin bike did you get? Most of them aren’t really compatible with Zwift and installing speed sensors on them is usually impossible. I hope you researched it a bit before investing money in the spin bike. Zwift works best with a real bike and a supported trainer.

The support pages on Zwift list all the supported equipment and how to set it up.

Apple TV has a Zwift app so that is a great option, then you can use your phone for the companion app. The Zwift companion app is kind of like a remote control for when you are riding and also has many more social functions and things you can use when not riding like following other zwifters, looking at your activity feed, sign up for events and races, etc.



Hi Mike,
Thank you for replying.
The garmin speed sensor can be fixed to the spin bikes wheel with strong Velcro ( hook & loop) stick on Pad. I watched a guy on YouTube do it and it seemed to work fine.
The Garmin should turn up tomorrow, so I will find out one way or another .

I saw a much more expensive Option of pedals with sensors in them to fit to spin bike , running to hundreds of pounds ( the Garmin under £40).

Assuming I get it to work ( hoping) , any recommendations on using zwift for Beginner new to not only zwift but also exercising.

Thank you

I forgot to add : spin bike is a sprint fitness gb mag

The problem with that spin bike is that it isn’t supported by Zwift, so there is no power curve to estimate how many watts you are generating. To understand why that is important, please see this post.

You might be able to rig it up, but it will not be accurate. That might not be important to you however, as long as it works somewhat and you enjoy the time on the bike. I guess that is more important in the long run. Just don’t expect it to be accurate.

For a beginner, I would suggest just riding as much as you can, learn the different routes and worlds, have fun exploring. There is a learning curve to Zwift, take some time to figure all the features out. Check out this 3rd party site for tons of useful info:


Once you get the speed sensor working, look at getting an AppleTV as it works really well.

I also highly recommend you look at doing some group rides. Install the companion app on your phone and search through the events for a social group ride that suits your ability. Even if you find you can’t keep up, more often than not, you will get help and encouragement from other riders to keep going. Don’t be daunted by it, the social group rides are generally filled with nice helpful people. Then keep trying and at some point it will be easier. For me, I find it a million times more enjoyable and motivating to be riding in a group compared to riding alone in the world.

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You need a cadence sensor too!

Edit, no you don’t. Whoops!

Please have a look at some of the many posts on the forum by searching “spin bike” you might find many people that either go way too fast or way too slow.


While it is nice to have, it is not required for Zwift to work.


Makes sense, I haven’t quite wrapped my brain around non smart trainers :beers:

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Look at the link that @Mike_Rowe_PBR posted above.

How Does Zwift Determine My Speed?


Thank you for all the useful information.
From what has been said, the speed sensor should work but it will not be very accurate. I’m ok with that as long as it doesn’t create some sort of unintentional cheating Within the app .

I like the idea of group riding and exploring the world.
Have to save up for Apple TV box .

Our Samsung 55” is not a smart tv, but I’m guessing the Apple TV box will still work with it from the phone?.
Anything else I would need other than the box to get it on the tv?.

We do have a 100” projector screen ( ben q) that is very good, maybe that would work with the Apple TV ?

Thanks again for all the answers

Normally people run zwift as an app on the Apple TV and it sends to presumably anything that has a hdmi port.

Welcome Mark. If you haven’t already done so make sure you adjust the saddle and handlebar position to get a good fit on the bike. It will improve comfort and reduce the risk of injury. You can search for Spin bike setup and bike fit videos on YouTube for guidance.

For your first 4-6 weeks you don’t need any training program; just ride your bike and enjoy the different worlds and routes of Zwift. If you can only tolerate 20 minutes of cycling at the moment a good first goal is to ride, no matter how slowly, for 30 minutes. You’ve been walking a couple miles a day so try to find the cycling equivalent of walking. Once you can do that you can try putting a little more pressure on the pedals for a few minutes at a time. Progress gradually and with time and consistency the fitness will come.


Thank you Michael, that is very helpful. The Garmin sensor has just turned up so I will get busy sorting that out and will check out some YouTube videos on setting up the spin bike riding position . Finding the saddle hard!.
I really appreciate your help .
Thank you :slight_smile:

You can also try a lightning to HDMI adapter and just use that and an HDMI cable over to the TV to mirror your phones display.

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Thanks Denis.
The Garmin sensor did not work ( I think a faulty sensor). They are posting another one out. For accuracy I think I need the power pedals.