Help needed to connect Schwinn 170 stationary bike with Zwift

Hi Zwifters! I am unable to connect my Schwinn 170 stationary bike with Zwift. What BLE app do I need to synchronize my Bluetooth with Zwift?

My bike’s Bluetooth is working fine since I am already getting data using the Schwinn app. I also tested it using BLE Scanner and I am getting data.

What am I missing here? Thanks!

I don’t see that bike listed as being supported by Zwift. It might only work with the console on the bike and the Schwinn app, they can be very proprietary.


That trainer does not broadcast any metrics so you would need some type of power meter to use it with Zwift.


Hi Paul, do you have any suggestion of power meter you recommend? Is that an app or a piece of hardware. Sorry I’m new to this. Thanks!

It would be a piece of hardware, and it is not going to be cheap.

It would depend on if a power meter would fit. Would pedal based power meter bolt on? Would something like the 4iiii left-side only work:

Or you could replace the Shcwinn with something that would work like the Bowflex C6 stationary bike.

This link could help you:

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Very helpful. Thank you Paul!

Schwinn 170/270 BLE protocol support should be added to Zwift. Service UUID: 3bf58980-3a2f-11e6-9011-0002a5d5c51b, EventRecordDesc UUID: 5c7d82a0-9803-11e3-8a6c-0002a5d5c51b contains cadence and power data. Example: hxxps://

I think it is the other way around: Schwinn need to send the data that Zwift need. Zwift follow the standard Blutooth protocol. some trainers use a propriety protocol.

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I agree, Nautilus Inc should support FTMS protocol in Schwinn 170/270/570u. But they will not, unfortunately.

“I do apologize but you have to adjust the resistance manually.
Morgan, Schwinn Team”

Schwinn 170/270/570 just supported by russian hackers hxxps://