Question about schwinn bike


Recently i picked up a schwinn bike and i have no clue if this bike would work with zwift.

I got the bike for free from fb market so im guessing its an older model but it does have ant+

I will provide some pictures and maybe someone will know if this would work with zwift or not and if so what equipment i would need.

So far if i use the bike monitor, all it displays is rpm and duration but theres more information available like hr and such but i only use my mi band for my hr and i cannot pair them.

Anywyas any help is appeiciated!


Probably would need power meter pedals.

This appears to be a fairly nice model and the current one claims Zwift compatibility, so there’s some chance it might work. From your post I was unsure if you’ve already tried pairing it with Zwift. It certainly will not provide accurate power information, but if you just want to ride as virtual entertainment it might suffice. Good find as a freebie.

To find out if it works, your best bet would be to use a Mac or PC with an ANT+ dongle. Some Android devices work with ANT+ and a few even have built-in support for it. This one is cheap and works well:

Hi @alexander_sveberg Welcome to Forums. This is Juan a Zwift colleague. I appreciate you sharing your query here. I comprehend how important it is for you to know if your Schwinn® indoor bike is compatible with Zwift. As far I can see, your Schwinn® is an AC model, which is supported. However, this indoor bike doesn’t transmit power data over Bluetooth and control resistance either. So you would need either MPower Echelon2 or MPower Echelon Gray. Compatible with all Schwinn A.C. Series Bikes. If you would like to get more details about it, please contact

Thanks for the reply!

As far as i can see my bike does have that 2nd one you suggested?