Gifted a Schwinn IC3

Hi - Im a novice with this type of equipment. I was given a Schwinn IC3. I’d like to make it iPad/Zwift-compatible. Is there Bluetooth hardware I can by that will make this work? Direct links to products would be helpful. Thanks.

The IC3 is a spin bike and the best way to use it with Zwift would be to get a set of power meter pedals. Power meter pedals will accurately transmit your power watts and cadence to Zwift via bluetooth. A popular option for the power meter pedals are Assioma Unos or Duos. They are not cheap, but they can be used on your outdoor bicycle as well if you have one, and your IC3 was free so that may leave some wiggle room in the budget.

However they will not control your resistence or give you an automatic sense of grade changes on Zwift. You will have to manually control resistance with the red knob on your bike.

Some folks are a bit dismissive of using spin bikes on Zwift, because they have a very different feel than using a real bike and a trainer. However I think it can be enjoyable and maybe a good entry point into Zwift if you were given a free spin bike and can get power meter pedals.