Zwift setup advice

Hi all,

I would like to start using Zwift on my spin bike (Sole SB 700) and realise I need Zwift to read my power. So, I would like to buy the Garmin Vector s3 power meter pedals and put them on my spin bike.

My question is… Can someone please confirm that the Garmin Vector s3 pedals on my spin bike will work on Zwift. I did send an email to Zwift customer support but they replied with… “the Garmin Vector s3 pedals will probably work on Zwift”… I understand that they do not want to fully commit to an answer, hence the ‘probably’.

Can anyone give me a 100% thumbs-up before I purchase them?

PS. I will not get the Vector 3 as they are out of my price range and I’m not interested in cycling dynamics - I just want to get my avatar to move!!! (and get the most out of Zwift).



It is not really the ideal set up to ‘get the most’ out of zwift as the platform is enriched with lots of interactive features which require a smart trainer.

However, if you simply want to use the workout functionality of zwift then using a power meter to send output and cadence to zwift will work. This is the same as using a bog standard turbo (instead of a spin bike). You will have to alter the resistance yourself in order to achieve the power targets though which in my expeience is a pain.

There is so much more to Zwift that having a smart trainer and bike (or smart bike) unlocks. My fear would be that you would get frustrated with a limited set up and stop using the platform.

Yes, they’ll work for Zwift.**

The Garmin Vector 3S power meter pedals are Ant+ and Bluetooth compatible. Those are the technical requirements.

Another model to consider is the Favero Assioma, either Duo or Uno. Like the Vector 3s, they’re available with double-sided or single sided power measurement.

The Vectors have or had some features not on the Assiomas. The Vectors also had some hardware/technical problems at introduction which at least some, such as Shane Miller/GPLama, report are now solved. The Assiomas have the reputation as a good value for the accuracy despite being at the lower end of the power pedal price range.

** The reason for the “probably work” language is that the spin bike must accept standard bicycle pedal threads. If the spin bike uses standard pedal threading, then you just need any working power meter pedal.

Without a controllable trainer, you won’t automatically get changes in resistance due to going uphill or downhill in the Zwift world. And you won’t get ERG mode for workouts, which means you’ll have to adjust your effort manually. But yes, it works, and for many of us, being in Zwift is much more motivating than just working out alone, whether or not we have a controllable trainer.

If you get the pedals, and eventually decide you really want more out of Zwift and get a controllable trainer, the pedals will still be marketable via Ebay, etc, or you might decide you’d like to ride outside with power as well.


We’ve used the Garmin Vector 3 pedals for Zwift and they 100% worked.

Some frequent travelers take along power meter pedals to use with hotel spin bikes.

There are many Zwifters that has done hundreds of miles on dumb trainers with power meters. And that is similar to what you will be doing.

I’ve done thousands of miles with that kind of setup and no plans to change it.

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Does your spin bike transmit speed on ANT+ or BTLE?

As I understand it, power & cadence are optional on Zwift, but speed is required (I could be wrong).

Getting speed, using an external sensor, on a spin bike is difficult.

@David, you are wrong IMHO. If you transmit the power, speed is useless and will be anyway calculated by Swift. I got to level 45 on power only lol.

And if anyone is interested in the Favero Assioma Duo pedals: they are on sale today (11/29/19) for what appears to be around 10% off. Love mine!

What’s your setup? Smart trainer or power meter only?

Power source, heart, cadence. Icons on the left of the pairing screen.

I have Powertap P1 pedals that I use on Zwift, so they will work. You just decide between the Ant+ or Bluetooth

Thanks everyone for the tumbs up. Fourtauetly, my spin bike has standard pedals, so swapping them over with Garmin Vectors3 (or many other brands) wont be a problem. I would love to have the smart trainer and road bike set up; however, the wife will say a big fat ‘NO’ haha… It maybe something i’ll do in the future. For now, I will continue to burn the cals on the spin bike - with the enjoyment of Zwift using the power meter pedals. Looking forward to it!

Thanks again everyone :slight_smile:

Greg (British expat living in Indonesia)

I have p1 pedals but my power in zwift using bluetooth is about 13/15 watts less than the watts I get on my garmin computer

I have TACX Smart2T trainer. Due to cadence challenges I connected my Vector 3 (left/right pedal) to zwift. Unfortunately the avatar does not start at all. So I can see other riders overtaking me but do not start my avater. Then I connected trainer back and avatar started to ride. Any specific setup for Vector 3 (dual)? I’d like to get power and cadence from vector 3.

I have been using the Vector 3s for about 100 miles on zwift with a Lemond spin bike and it’s working great.

To piggy back on the above comment about smart bikes and immersive experience, I’ve been helping another rider get his product out to more users.

The device essentially makes a spin bike with power pedals into a smart bike. It does so by utilizing a microcontroller to turn a motor which turns your resistance knob. There are also “shifter” buttons to increase and decrease resistance. The device will increase and decrease resistance with gradient. There is a very basic HR to power function if you are without power pedals or crank.

Check it out! Ask questions on the site, they will be answered!

Search Google for SmartSpin2k