Schwinn Mpower Echelon troubleshooting

Trying to use Schwinn Mpower Echelon with Zwift. Unit is pairing power and cadence but no values are displayed. Any ideas?

Hi Chris, 

Unfortunately the Schwinn Echelon transmits ANT+ on a closed channel and Zwift is unable to read it.  

For more information on what Zwift supports check here:–Info-Which-trainers-does-Zwift-support-What-do-I-need-to-ride- 

Thanks. Looks like there is a version 2 model that is compatible, true?

chris, i would love to know about this… i have the red echelon,   i think i heard that the old grey ones do work with zwift, but i would love to know more before i buy an older one off ebay and take the newer one off my bike…

Well, an update after a year: Schwinn just released their MPower Echelon2 computer and it does, indeed, work with Zwift right off the bat.

Eric!  not sure how i missed this!   so you saying that the M power echelon 2 works?


is that the black one?      thank you so much!!!

Hi Denise,

Yes, the MPower Echelon2 does work with Zwift as a power meter. I believe it’s black and red. :slight_smile:

awesome.     this is a great day.   thanks!

You may need to upgrade to the latest v1.7 firmware . Mine did not work with v1.6