Connection with Schwinn 570U


I have a Schwinn 570U with bluetooth, but when trying to pair it with Zwift the app does not find the indoor bike. I have ensured all other possible Bluetooth connections are off or not possible, but that doesn’t seem to help. I also searched this forum but could not find the solution. Schwinn told me this is something that should be enabled by Zwift, but I’m not sure that is true. I understand that this bike is not officially supported, but as it has Bluetooth, I would think that Zwift should at least be able to detect the bike?
Any ideas on how I could get this paired?


Hi @Lizsz, welcome to the Zwift forums.

This sounds like it is a case of a proprietary bluetooth signal. Not all bluetooth is created equal. Some manufacturers use a signal that can’t be picked up by other devices and only works with their hardware.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply! The reseller told me ‘it might get enabled by Zwift some day’. Would you know if that is then indeed possible? Cause it feels to me this won’t be if they use ‘private’ communication to support their own app only?

Sorry, no idea?