Can't pair devices

I use Schwinn IC8 with a USB connected Android phone and the Companion application. I usually connect to a Windows PC with the Zwift application running. Unfortunately, today I have spent 1.5 hours trying, resetting the application and devices and still have no pairing. I have had trouble establishing a connection several times, but usually after a few minutes/resets it worked. Any idea how to solve the issue.

It happens all the time. Can’t pair the devices. Another day everything is ok. And again fighting over 1h because can’t pair the devices. How many time do I have to reset to apps to get connected??? :angry: :angry: :angry:

Hi @Pawel1, I don’t have a Schwinn spin bike, however I have no issues pairing all my devices. I use Windows 10 and ant+, pairing is fast and easy every time.

Have you checked any log files on to see if you are getting signal interference? Lots of things can interfere with the signal including fans, your wifi router, other devices nearby, microwaves, etc…

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Mike, thanks for answer. I uploaded my logs file to zwiftalize. Here it is - today session - no pairing.screenshot-www-zwiftalizer-com-demo-1609531271211|425x500

You don’t mention if your using bluetooth or Ant+.
I have had issues with both and can share my experience.

Ant+ has generally been the most stable for me but I recently started having issues.
Frustrated that my laptop was having thermal issues, I orders a refurbished desktop to make a dedicated Zwift computer.
As it turns out, My problem was a short in the USB extension cord.
I feel stupid for not eliminating that possibility first but I’m going to have a nicer setup!!

For blue tooth, my problem has always been my trainer would connect to the phone app without my knowing then it would not be available for my computer.
Sometimes, even if I had closed the app, the connection was not dropped.
Once I learned to recognize this issue and learned how to disconnect within the app before closing, I’ve had no other issues.

Looks like a lot of network errors, where is the Bluetooth signal graph?