Speed Sensor of Garmin is conected but doesn't sense

Hi, Until 1 weeck i was ridding with the speed sensor of garmin, now zwift recognize and connected the sensor but don´t show the speed and i can’t move or ride.

Hi @Jose_Partarrieu welcome to Zwift forums.

Have you replaced the battery? This is a very common cause of these sensors not working all of a sudden.

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Yes, I replaced the battery and continue with connected but doesn’ t sensed the speed

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Is it the Garmin Speed Sensor 2?

If you’ve successfully paired the speed sensor to the Zwift game app, but the avatar does not move, here are some common causes why it doesn’t move.

The most likely cause is a disruptions to the ANT+ or Bluetooth signal between the speed sensor and your computer. You can verify by uploading your log.txt file to Zwiftalizer.com. Here is how to find your log.txt files:

Because I work for Zwift HQ, I can see partial log files for April 26 22:26pm UTC. For this specific session, Zwifalizer says:

These are common solutions for issues with poor ANT+ signal. Would you try these steps and let us know if they helped?

2. Stop Garmin ANT Agent / Garmin Connect

Check for Garmin ANT Agent in the system tray. Stop it if it is running so that it does not try to read the dongle at the same time as Zwift.

3. Try a different USB port

Most USB ports provide 500mA current but some only only provide 100mA. This is why trying a different USB port can improve your ANT+ signal.

4. Use a short, high quality USB extension cable

ANT+ works up to 30 meters but since it uses a low powered radio, at a fixed frequency of 2457 MHz, it is susceptible to radio-frequency interference. Using an SHORT extension cable, to move the dongle away from your computer, reduces interference caused by electronics inside the computer. A USB port puts out 5v @ 500 mA. Voltage and current drops over long cables. This is why short cables are better. A long cable