Garmin Speed Sensor Not Detected

I am on a Galaxy S9 using Garmin Ant+ sensors. Zwift picks up my HRM and Cadence sensor, but not the speed sensor. The Garmin head unit picks it up, so battery is good. Even tried Ant+ Plugin Sampler app on my phone and it picked it up too. Any reason that Zwift wouldnt recognize it? I’m stumped.

I’ve had similar problems with the version 2 of the sensors. My problem(s) has to do with Zwift auto selecting my speed sensor as my cadence sensor. I just make sure to wake both sensors and select cadence first. Usually it works. But when the battery gets even a bit low it acts up again.

Have a same problem on Xiaomi redmi note7.
Even try to drop battery from cadence sensor. No.
Can’t detect speed sensor. Other programs see all sensors…

I put a new battery in the speed sensor, and took out the battery on the cadence sensor, and still no joy. Not sure what else I can do to get this up and running…