Speed/Cadence/Power Stop intermittently

When on rides from time to time it seems like communication with the trainer is lost and my avatar stops pedaling.  Sometimes it stops pedaling long enough for it to be paused and sometimes it’s just for a couple of seconds.  If I keep pedaling it eventually re communicates and the avatar continues to move.   

I am using a Tacx Genius Smart with a Garmin Ant+ connected to the computer.


Any Ideas? 


I’ve had similar problems and I’ve got a tacx smart and garmin ant+ stick too. I used to have the computer standing on a tall wooden table. When I put the computer lower (on sensors height), it works. Seems like the ant+ signal can be interrupted when there not free sight between stick and sensors. Sounds strange I know, but it works for me. 

Good luck. 


Thanks for the suggestions.  I ended up moving the Ant+ dongle from the left side of the trainer to the right side and more more drop outs


Thanks Again