my rider keeps stopping... why?

I start, all is good. and then at any moment, my rider just stops…

I am pedalling, I am still connected… but my rider is not moving.

Please advise why and what I should/can do…

More info is needed.

Are you going up a virtual incline at the time?

What are your watts at that time?

What speed are you going in game?

The more info you give the faster you can get your issue resolved.

Hi Peter,

This used to happen to me alot, usually because the Ant+ dongle plugged into my laptop was too far away from my trainer and was dropping the connection.  Try using a USB extension cable (max 5 meters tho!) to get the dongle close to the trainer.

Hope the helps.

You should also replace the battery in your speed sensor, even if you think it is good, replace it.

I had this problem and it turned out I had bought a batch of bad batteries.



Thanks guys. Appreciate it.