Avatar periodically missing smart trainer for a few seconds

Hi Guys

I use a Tacx Votex Smart trainer with a GARMIN mini micro USB ANT+ Stick, but recently my avatar just stops pedaling/moving occasionally even if I continue pedaling. This happens average about once a minute, normally for about 5 or 10 seconds each time. What do you think it could be? My computer? Trainer? ANT+ stick? Other?

Joe Reimer

Belize, Caribbean

Are you using a USB extension so you can get the ANT+ stick as close to the trainer as possible?

Thanks Paul, I will try that. It kind of looks like something in that line.

I have the same problem with my stages power meter and an ANT+ stick on a mac (no smart trainer). You think the USB extension could dove this also?

Hi Iain & Paul

I did my first ride with a usb extention cable today, bringing the ANT+ close to my trainer, and all worked fine now, not a single miss, so I assume that must have been the problem.

Hi Joe and Paul,

I also upgraded the Stages power meter by downloading their new software and that seems to have worked.