New Paired Device not working in Game

I just paired my new trainer with the app on my computer and for about 5 minutes it worked really well.  Then it randomly paused itself (I didn’t stop pedaling or touch any buttons), and now, even though nothing has changed, I unpaired and repaired as suggested by another post, but my avatar doesn’t move when I pedal and no stats appear.  Help.

I got it work again and after 13 minutes it did the same - all the sudden, my power number randomly went down to zero and my avatar wouldn’t move.  This is crazy.  I’d like to join zwift, but I’m not paying for something that’s going to crap out every 10-15 minutes….

Hi Llana - I’ve created a support ticket for you so we can help you get to the bottom of this. If you could add a little more info about your setup including the kind of trainer you’re using and ANT+ dongle that would be great.

We recommend trying a USB extension cable to bring the dongle closer to your devices as part of our troubleshooting ANT+ signal dropouts. Thanks.