IEh I am new to this app!

My avatar is not move while I am pedaling. I only have one device paired with my bas. Someone can help? Also, when do move, it seems to move really slow

I too am brand new. I have a Wahoo Kickr and had to send the first one back because it did not work properly.
Can you give us some additional information?
What trainer are you using? Is it a smart trainer? I am assuming so because you say you are not getting both devices paired. Are you referring to Power source and controllable?
I am using an ANT + device on my PC because I do not have IOS.
My original problem - now fixed since they replaced my trainer - was that while my Kickr trainer was found on Zwift, the power meter never registered my pedal strokes.
It sounds like you may have a similar problem but the fact that you say your character did move but didn’t move very fast makes me think it could be your connection.