Specialized Roval Climbing Series

This race series is supposed to have 4 options that are different routes, NOT different power categories. Zwiftpower flagged my ride on the route labeled as D for WKG, but the category was intended to be all power levels. This series is going to be continuing for 11 days, so hopefully it will be fixed quickly so that we don’t continue to have this issue.

Yes, looking at the results on zwiftpower it is definitely foobar and needs to corrected. The categories should not be enforcing WKG boundaries.

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I just did the Cat D 7:00 a.m. EST ride and the categories for this group ride were organized by distance/route not w/kg. Yet when I checked Zwift Power for the results, I saw that I had a UPG because I am a Cat C rider. Looks like the categories and disqualifications weren’t organized properly on this ride. I know it was a group ride not a race, but that’s even more reason why I don’t think people should be filtered out of the results. Is there some way to get this fixed for subsequent rides in this series? Is there some way to contact the organizers about this?

Thanks for any assistance!

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I have the same issue - got at UPG on the 18:00 BST race for doing the ‘D route’ while being a Cat C rider.
ZwiftPower link

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I have the same issue.
The event type is “Race”, but the description says “not race”.
these event settings are very strange.
The organizer must correct these race results.

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Same here. Please remove UPG , it wasn’t presented that way on Zwift. It said 1 to 5 w/kg for all routes.
Straight wrong and a total buzz kill for everyone after riding so hard. Boo!

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And no late starts either?
But it’s not a race… Seems very well organized. :roll_eyes:

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Hi i have the same issue, i chose mount ventoux b race as i never done it… it was an open cat ranging from 1 to 5wkg

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I have this same issue.


todays event totally hosed. (except for the A road to sky course)

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Another of the series incorrectly setup on ZP. Please fix: zid=2204080

Same here today with D, got an UPG.

Thank you.
I was able to confirm the correction of the race result.

Thanks for the fix Zwift! Everything showing correctly now.

I have the same issue. Please remove UPG.

Another one here, is it an autocorrect that is simply happening?

and here we go again.


todays events also not right.

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My D ride yesterday was fixed, thank you, but today’s C ride is UPG again:

It’s still happening. I did Lutscher today (D ride) and got pinged with an UPG. Also interesting that the forum links in zwiftpower don’t work now… so why have them?
[Ride 2204128 - I can’t include the link for some reason. Sorry - I’m a noob]

hi, I have done 2 events
specialized roval and I have UPG.
Can be corrected,
Thank you

:grinning:https://zwiftpower.com/profile.php?z=1813196 :grinning: