Haute Route - Classed as Group Ride or Race Event?

Will you get UPG for entering in a Cat lower than your ZwiftPower real rank?
Does it even matter in terms of unlocking the jersey?
As a 3.3w/kg Cat B rider, I got no chance at the Cat B pace so would rather pace myself with Cat C, not fighting for podium just wanna finish the event without dying XD

p.s. anyone got frame/wheel tips? Tron or Canyon x DT/Enve? or Tarmac Pro…? (maybe Tarmac Pro final day only…?)

Tron is probably the best. The climbing bikes/wheels are slow on flats and downhills.

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I believe this event has an assigned bike:

PS I think it’s a group ride — no flag icons shown in CA, which usually designate a race. But I am not 100% on that…

actually, it might be mass start anyway, in which case I can sign up as B and “chill” with C’s? :smiley:

Exactly my plan as well. Just some longish rides as part of training. Have other outdoor stuff to do inbetween as well, so I’m just riding.

It does not seem to be a mass start, and you wont see other category riders.

from: Events

Oh it will be a lonely ride (x3) for me then… No worries, used to that IRL as well! :laughing:

RIP my hopes and dreams

There will always be someone faster and someone slower.

Come join us and have fun.

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so, looks like ppl are getting DQ’d with UPG after all:

best to enter in your real ZwiftPower category if you don’t wanna share the same fate!!


Lots of riders DQ’d for UPG in the 10:00GMT Haute Route including myself. I am ZP cat A but entered the B ride and kept my power below 4.0. In fact my average was 3.7 but still DQ’d via UPG??? I missed the start so no chance of affecting the podium!

Firstly are the UPG’s an error as there seems to be waaaay more than for a comparable event?

Second, if I swap to A rides for Stage 2 & 3 will I technically have missed Stage 1 as completed the B ride?

Appreciate everyones thoughts :slight_smile:

‘𝐔𝐏𝐆 - Entering a category below the Minimum Category assigned to you and visible on your profile. Performance is irrelevant’ - quote from the official Zwiftpower guidelines. So it didn’t matter if you kept your power below the limit or not as long as you’d entered the wrong category.


If ur not racing the event, I would say ignore ZwiftPower and just ride wherever is comfortable for you. You prolly still get the LeCol reward and in-game jersey just for completing the event on Zwift etc.
All ur missing out on is ZwiftPower classification.

UPG’s are not in error, u get it no matter what if u enter a race event in wrong Cat.
Just lots of ppl are signing up to the wrong Cat - bcos this isn’t clearly advertised as a race event - and most people are signing up to the w/kg they think can hold for avg 2 hours, not avg 20 mins.
It’s really not clear at all in the app so yea…


Thanks for the info…logical really :+1:t2:

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That’s such a great point!

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I had a UPG today, in error. Have been Cat B (Almost A) for months now. Transpires that a big effort on Stage 1 yesterday bumped me up to Cat A and I didn’t realise. Blissfully joined Cat B, as I had the day before, and have been filtered out of the results for joining the wrong category. My 95% of 20min average is 4.03w/kg, so not sure if that 0.1w/kg tolerance is still applicable these days. It’s frustrating, as it means my ride today doesn’t count towards the GC for the series and that is part of the fun for these events. These are pretty fine margins, just thought it would be helpful to point out that a UPG can be in error.

if you finished the race as Cat A, then the UPG was not in error. that’s just how the categorisation system works. as to whether that’s a good system, well that is definitely up for debate.

I finished Stage 2 today, but bonked SUPER hard with 10km to go, crawled my way up final climb, and I’m 100% done with this event XD

Good luck to all the mad lads attempting Stage 3 tomorrow. I’ll be lucky if I can walk XD

I’ll be cheering you on from the comfort of my chair/bed lol

I swear to ■■■ this wasn’t this hard last year… think they might have gone a bit heavy with this year’s event :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The climbing suits me so paced the start well and felt strong on the final bump. Didn’t do the event last year so can’t comment but guess different courses suit peeps differently. Hope you’re not too blown :+1:t2:

Did you drink and eat during the ride? It’s a must if pushing yourself, maybe last year your nutrition was better? Tbh it’s not that hard compared to outdoor events, not even Haute route specific ones.