Specialized Roval Climbing Series

Events still not working correctly, please fix.


There are no changes to Zwift’s event settings.
Zwift Power was manually correcting the results.

Currently, the event seems to be processed until the event that starts on 7/22 17:00 UTC .
It will take some time, but I think it will be fixed.

Same problem, got an UPG, could you please fix it?  


Thanks in advance

Same thing happened this morning on the 6am PDT C route. I didn’t have time to ride any of the other routes so I went with the Mtn8 which was listed as a C race but no W/Kg limits. I finished 12th on the road but got UPG’d in ZP along with a bunch of other riders including the redoubtable Jan Ullrich. Zwift Power - Login

Zwiftpower put me at UPG (I’m a C rider) after this morning’s Specialized “Event” ride. I rode the D route. If it’s not a race, why is this occurring. Does it effect anything in my Zwiftpower stats?

+1 UPD if you enter anything below your w/kg CAT …

@shooj can you escalate this to whoever supports this series and get it addressed as its very poor experience right now .


Just curious, how did you get your Zwiftpower event link ?

Same here, I’m a cat c, did the Alpe, all OK, did Lutscher (ride D?) and got the UPG flag, be great to get it fixed just to clean it out of my Zwift Power records

hey, james, well, a bit with the trial = error formula. I’m trying in quotes


I put the quotation marks at the beginning and end of my link control Mayusculas + 9

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Well if Zwift are seemingly not listening to us , perhaps they will listen to Specialized/Roval when they start asking why potential customers are reporting the experience which I am sure is being run to promote there new products is pretty poor and not implemented properly.



Got a UPG this morning which will hopefully be fixed at some point.
Another problem with this series is that the side bar of riders nearby shows riders from the other categories even though they are on completely different courses. So it might be telling you that you are in position 56 when you are actually much closer to the lead and you sometimes cannot see any times for the next riders ahead or behind because it is full of riders from other categories.


Just got UPG on the C route. Zwiftpower is making a mess of this still.

Yes that too . Although that is not specific to this event as this seems to be a common issue introduced in some recent release .

Looks like zid=2204185 is also affected by this with everyone getting UPG

Hey everyone,

Thanks for letting us know what’s going on with these events. We were made aware of this late last week and believed at the time we had done the work to remedy the issue, though it’s clear that work didn’t bear any fruit for you all.

After some digging, the reason for these results being marked with UPG is because of a larger underlying issue that we have identified and are working on at the moment. While it will not be fixed immediately, we believe that once the solution is implemented we’ll be able to go back and adjust the results accordingly.

For now, please refrain from posting any more event IDs/links, as I think it’s safe to say this is affecting the entire Roval Climbing Challenge (and even some other races here and there).

Your communication and feedback is always appreciated, and because of this we found where to root out the problem.

Ride On.


Hi, after the last zwift update I continue with the same problem.
The specialized Roval events:
Day 7/23/21 I carry out an event in group D, the Lutscher tour leaves the UPG label and also in zwift power it leaves as if it had made another route in Alpe road to sky.
Day 24/7/21 I carry out an event in group C, the watopia mountain 8 tour leaves the UPG label and also in zwift power it leaves as if it had done another tour in Alpe road to sky.
Day 7/29/21 I carry out an event in group B tour come top leaves UPG label and also in zwift power it leaves as if it had done another tour in Alpe road to sky.
my zwift power profile is ( zwiftpower./profile.php?z=1813196 ))
3 out of 4 events are output again the UPG tag

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So this happened earlier this week but then was fixed. But it happened again today. ZwiftPower shows UPG and blocks results where it shouldn’t. The letter categories for the climb challenge correspond to routes, not race categories. Hoping it will get fixed again this time. Would love to see my results. Thanks!

I hasnt been fixed . I beleive Zwift support have said they are “looking at it” but I am not seeing any fixes being applied .

Glad I saw this. Pointless riding this event today then. Hoped to do the Mountain 8 ride, but not going to bother as I don’t want an UPG on my Zwiftpower profile.

So frustrating! I think they’re overwhelmed right now with all the issues related to the last update. Hopefully will be fixed soon. Thanks.