Some bugs to report

Riding the Mac version on a new iMac 5k with a wahoo kickr.  Absolutely love this service!  Have a few bugs

My wife tried the new u turn feature at the beginning of her ride before her lap began from her mobile phone and it wouldn’t switch over but hitting the down arrow on the keyboard did

her first reverse lap never ended up being counted probably because she started before the start/finish

the new scale adjusters for sound and power don’t have a reference number so if you move your power beyond 50% and what to put it back, it’s not possible to know if it’s been set to exactly 50%

the power output for watopia in general hasn’t been mapping correctly to the resistance on the wahoo kickr on some climbs and decents.  It’s like the two get out of sync.

height and weight settings don’t seem to save or hold correctly.  Are these being stored in multiple places or is the cache not being updated?




Hey Mark, thanks for the feedback.  I have a few comments.

Re: Uturn, was she pressing and holding?  The button sort of fills in as you hold it, and only once it’s filled in does it trigger the uturn.  This is to prevent accidental u-turns.

Re: laps.  This is going away soon as ‘laps’ dont really make sense if you can go any direction you want at will.  We’ll probably change this to distance.

Re: the sliders, I agree. 

Re: This is a kickr issue. I’m not sure they’ve ever had to expect such drastic changes in grade.   I’ll get a bug logged in our system and chat with Wahoo about it.

Re: height/weight, how are you setting these?  Via the game profile screen (the little pencil icon at the top of the pause screen) or via the website?

Hey Jon!

Thanks for the quick response!

on the mobile phone u-turn, yeah we discovered the need to hold it down.  Seems like a little unusual user gesture.  Instead, how about changing the behavior to be more of a standard gesture such as tapping the u-turn icon and then throw up a modal confirmation box to ensure that’s what the user wants to do?  

distance makes much more sense if you switch directions.  The other option is don’t allow the user to u turn until they go over the start finish?

regarding height and weight, we tried changing through the zwift web site.  Then launched the zwift app and it didn’t show the same details as what we entered in the web site.  Perhaps there’s a caching issue?



Hey Jon,

I’ve just tried to launch Zwift on Macbook Air and now am getting an error message. I’ve been running it successfully until the latest auto upgrade. It’s now just not launching at all. It doesn’t seem to have patched, unlike my iMac.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no joy!




me too, please fix this asap!

@Jayson and @David - If you are using 10.7, this is a known issue that will be addressed this week. 10.8 and up are unaffected.

In the future, please either submit a support ticket or create your own thread as opposed to piggybacking onto someone else’s. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Re: Wahoo Kickr grade/resistance modeling:

Comparing the current release with the release back in late April/Early May (Ride posted on 5/8/15), the power data being recorded today by the Kickr and saved is showing a much more jagged profile, rather than the smoother profile of the 5/18/15.  It has dropped to zero power on a descent (both directions) despite 100 rpm, and has spiked to 800-900 watts due to the data lag, unlocking the achievements.  Its almost as if there was a time/distance smoothing algorithm that no longer exists to eliminate those spikes in feedback/control.

Otherwise, keep up the good work.  Its much more entertaining than staring at a wall.