Waho Kickr

(Michael Benowitz) #1

Finally found a few minutes to try out Zwift. The graphics looked great on my short ride. Plan a full ride in the morning and should have more feedback.

I did notice the power picked up from my Kickr appeared very low. I’m guessing it’s because I didn’t do a spin down before starting the ride. It would be really helpful to add the ability to do a spin down to the app. That why I don’t have to break out my Ipad before every ride.



(Paul Schwartz) #2

Yeah, I was also surprised that when I tried it with my Computrainer that there was no calibration function. You really need to be able to pause and calibrate… my power numbers from the Computrainer (reported in Zwift) ended up drifting off quite a bit vs. what my PowerTap was reporting.

(Trevor Barcelo) #3

Double thumbs-up on this one. I also had to bust out the iPhone for a spindown test last night. An integrated spin down test (and a reminder to do it) would be very useful.

(Jason K) #4

Thanks for the feedback, Mike! It’s also exciting for us to see discussion going on between all of you regarding what you want to see in Zwift, so please keep it up. :slight_smile:

A couple of suggestions: if any of you want to go into more detail about a calibration feature, please post more in the Feature Requests topic so that we can easily differentiate between Beta Feedback (on existing features) and new additions you’d like to see in the game. For example, Paul has started a thread regarding the Computrainer that anyone can add to.

Other than that, I encourage all of you that are involved right now to chime in on the forums if you think an idea sounds cool or if you have a suggestion of your own. The more people who post on a thread, such as the FTP test, the more we know that it’s really a feature we should include.

Thanks again, everyone!