Software problem with Windows 10


I installed the Zwift software on my PC (Windows 10, with upgrade).

I can login to my account but when I click the Ride button, the home screen disappears after 5 seconds.

By referring to the log file. I do not see an error message.

Thank you for your help,

[21:21:00] Log Time: 21:21:00 2017-12-10
[21:21:00] Game Version: 1.0.22143
[21:21:00] Launcher Version: 1.0.39
[21:21:00] Loading WAD file ‘assets / global.wad’ with file.
[21:21:00] Loading WAD file ‘assets / environment / ground / textures.wad’ with file.
[21:21:00] Loading WAD file ‘assets / UI / WhiteOrangeTheme / WhiteOrangeTheme.wad’ with file.
[21:21:00] Loading WAD file ‘assets / UI / minimap / minimap.wad’ with file.
[21:21:00] Loading WAD file ‘Assets / UI / WhiteOrangeTheme / Scotty / Scotty.wad’ with file.
[21:21:00] Calling initialize_zwift_network ()
[21:21:00] … return value = 0
[21:21:00] End ZNETWORK_Initilize ()
[21:21:00] Successful audio init!
[21:21:00] Loaded audio banks
[21:21:00] Initializing graphics window of size 0 x 0
[21:21:00] Attached Monitors:
[21:21:00] monitor found at: 0,0



I would guess it is you video card causing the issue, make sure the drive is updated.

I have had this same problem in the past on a Windows10 PC.

It came about after changing the settings from ‘window’ to full-screen. I then had the problem of not being able to access the setup screen (to change back to a window) before Zwift dumped me.

I had to manually edit the /zwift/prefs.xml file and change the full screen option to window. The options are 0 or 1.

May not be your problem but worth a look. 

As an aside, I recently had cause to try changing back to full screen (a different problem) and the original drop-out never occurred - go figure! 

My prefs.xml file is corrupt. What should this file contain? Do you have an example?

Thanks for your help!

Martin: you can delete prefs.xml. Zwift will create a new one. If you want to be cautious, just rename the prefs.xml. 

This is an example of what one of my old prefs.xml file contained (it has a few more lines that contain name and email …)

prefs.xml is a text file so open it with notepad.


The <FULLSCREEN>0</FULLSCREEN> line I changed from 1 to 0.

As you can see prefs.xml contains the settings used on the last ride.

As Steve has stated, the file can be deleted, Zwift will create a fresh one. And as Steve mentioned, copy the file to the Desktop or rename the file if you’re, like me, super cautious :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, but I’m not able to set problem.



I click Ride button and I have this screen (slide images) and after 5 seconds, it’s disappears.

I erase prefs.xml file and when I open Zwift, the new file name is : prefs.xml.INVALID.

I use Educational Windows 10.

Have you tried uninstalling Zwift, deleting everything in the /documents/Zwift folder and reinstalling Zwift.

As long as you are a local admin of the computer you should be good to go.

Agree with Paul Allen at this point.

I am assuming you have presented the problem to Zwift support team via an official ticket.

Remove the current Zwift files and get yourself a nice new clean install.

If the problem persists, let us know the specs of your computer inc graphics card, the display and so on.