Smt its wrong with resistance

Hi. I’m using elite quebo digital smart b+ and something is wrong with resistance. When I’m in workout mode I have to pedal with around 100rpm on 50-11 to produce 230 watts. My ftp is 210W and it’s uncomfortable to do intervals with power that is bigger than my ftp. I would like to increase my resistance to work on slower and more silent gears and to do difficult intervals on comfortable cadence. I’ve seen on this forum similar problems but I haven’t found a solution yet. My elite is connected with zwift by zwift companion and Bluetooth.

Hi @Szymon_Nowak.

Do you have the latest firmware and Zwift updates?

Do you ERG mode during workouts?

Have you put in your P1, P2 & P3 values? Search on this forum, it’s all there. Great cheap interactive trainer but ■■■■ software and no help files!

Yes I have all updates. I don’t think that the problem is using ERG or not. I’ve checked training with and without ERG mode and nothing has changed. I think that zwift doesn’t change my trainer resistance when there are some gradient changes etc. I’m thinking about using ant+ dongle, maybe it will help, because I will connect directly, not via zwift companion.

What do you mean by putting these values somewhere? If you mean calibrating them i’m not able to, cos i don’t have power meter, but i think these values (P1=176 P2=186 P3=155) are ok

You have to use the Elite app (MyETraining) and choose the Setting tab. Click around and find the input P1, P2, P3. Your values depend on your weight/height. They need to be tailored to you. I’m 160lbs and 5 ft 10in. My figured are P1=219, P2=228, P3=170. I don’t have a power meter. I just kept testing and adjusting the figures, initially based on the fact that I lived and rode Boxhill and Leith Hill (in the London Map) many, many times and knew what my heart rate and speed were on certain sections. Then I rode Zwift with a buddy who is very close to my body size/weight (he has power meter pedals and his trainer is calibrated with them) and we compared his watts at the same moment with my reading from the EQSB+ I rode all last winter with those figures. We did the same last week and now I’m getting about 10w more than him on the flat so I need to change the figure P3 to take this into account.

Re-ERG mode:
When you do workouts, ERG mode automatically kicks in. I would not consider doing it any other way as it keeps the power constant and so you can focus on matching the cadence asked for and pushing the pedals hard enough.
Hope this helps!

I’ve bought ant+ dongle and everything is working ok. Thank you for the help!!

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