Smart Trainer Bluetooth Connection Dropping

it’s maybe worth noting that your fan can interfere with bluetooth signal – it generates an electromagnetic field, and i have experienced my fan cause a bluetooth dropout. were you trying a different fan placement/additional fan/different fan speed?

also, any other device with bluetooth on can potentially interfere – a mouse, a speaker, a phone, etc.

3 Zwift rides this week. Experienced several 3-5 second dropouts about every 3 to 5 min during each one: all of a sudden the data disappears and I’m stopped in the middle of the road. A few seconds later everything comes back to life and I’m riding again. Using Zwift via Apple TV 4K and Zwift companion on IPhone and riding Wahoo Kickr trainer. I can only relate it back to the last week’s update as prior to that everything was rock solid. I trashed all those rides…so frustrating. Anyone else experiencing this? Any recommendations? Thank you.

I have a Saris H3, Lately, I seem to be losing my Bluetooth connection during group rides or races, it’s frustrating. The Avatar stops pedaling and it’s not because I stopped pedaling. I tried ti ‘pair’ up the trainer again, but when I do that the Zwift app doesn’t find my trainer when I am still in the ride. Also I notice my Saris will flash GREEN versus BLUE. Now If I exit the ride, and start everything up again, then all is good. So is the trainer the problem or the recent update of Zwift? I didn’t have this issue before the Zwift update. Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed

Same here, and it seems a quite widespread issue as there are several thread about it in the forums.

For me it is Saris H3 with IOS 14.2 (iPad).

I have opened a ticket 1 week ago, no answer yet. I will post here any relevant feedback I will get, meanwhile I stopped Zwift subscription and moved to other apps that doesn’t have the same problems. This probably means that the issue is on Zwift side, as I don’t get any issue on Rouvy for example.

Oh no, This really makes me sad as we have quite a great Zwift community in the area with weekly meet-up and events.

Keep me posted, I’ll also open a ticket on my end.

Hi… any update…?? I’ve been having the same issue (saris h3, TICKR hr,) loosing signal. iPad iOS update14.2. But Zwift works fine on my old i phone 6. Very annoying…


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If you want to know why they don’t have USB ports then Tacx iMagic. Shudder.

USB, but less stable than a kardashian family get together where someone has spiked the sugar bowl with acid.

What’s incredible is that virtual cycling wasn’t permanently consigned to history due to the sheer horror of the implementation, regardless of it being 15 years ahead of it’s time…

I’m having exactly the same issue with Saris H3 and an iPad running IOS 14.2, very frustrating, hasn’t been an issue until recently, I hope there is a fix for this soon

Yup me too … really sucks when your in group ride for over an hour and the connection drops hoping for a fix soon

Hey @Ryan_McLoughlin @Gibran_Ghazali did you guys find a solution to this?

I have the same problem
‘No signal’ after a period of not pedalling (e.g. supertuck while descending) using a Tacx Flux S.
It has happened to me on Android (both BT and Ant+) and PC (Ant+).
Doesn’t happen every time.

I’ve done some more digging…
I put the log file through Zwiftalizer, nothing stands out, RXFails at 12.86% which I believe is ok.
It also confirms that things remained paired which is what I experienced. Paired but with “no signal”.

I have disabled ANT+ speed/cadence through the Tacx Utility App as per GPLamas video here -

Done out of desperation more than anything, I don’t believe this is a conection quality issue but “something” else