Slowing down the meetup "stick together" feature was a mistake

I loved this feature when it was released. Finally I could ride with my friends and not worry about having to stop and wait and disrupt the flow of an otherwise fun ride. It was great at first. We went fairly fast, but kind of slow on the hills. It was a decent compromise. Now it’s AWFUL. I don’t think I will use the feature again, which for me personally (I really want to ride with my friends who live far away) is a tragedy. Please revert.

I should have explained why it’s awful. We had a unanimous sentiment that slogging away but feeling slow all the time was simply not fun. Taking the fun out of a game like Zwift is a big mistake. Some of us have been doing this long enough to remember watching paint dry on the wall while riding trainers. Zwift is supposed to be a fun way to pass the trainer time. This change made time go by very slowly.

The problem with making it to fast is that slower rider will set PR’s that they can’t reach again, it also makes their strava numbers unreasonably high.

If that were the case they would have made the blob way slower a long time ago in races. Regardless of how the removal of fun is rationalized, it is still the removal of fun from a game.

There is a difference between racing in a group at your max power and being pulled along by a fast meetup group while doing zone 1 effort.

I think a banded meetup should go at the speed of the slowest rider.

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Or maybe make tandem bikes with a fast and slow rider on the same bike. That way the strong rider can help the other making one a bit faster and the other slower.

Then the group goes as fast as the slowest tandem.

Just thinking out loud.


Then just tell your friends to ride faster or maybe one has a technical problem with his trainer or it is not properly calibrated.

What an intersting idea! Banded bikes could be a whole lot of fun

You should calculate the time of the segments using the real power of every rider once completed the segment (writing something like ‘recalculated time in base of your power’)

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Have done two meetups lately and I guess it take the average of the group we (3 in the meetup) went up the NYC climb and one got a PR and I just missed mine, but we were all giving it our best and we are very similar in strength.