Slow on dirt / gravel

Using Kickr Core on Apple TV. After an update to my KICKR Core, when I am on dirt or gravel I am significantly slower than anyone else. For example, at 200 w, I’m doing 8 mph on a flat gravel section, and people are passing me at twice that speed. That makes no sense to me, and did not used to be the case. Any similar experience, or ideas as to what may be wrong?

My KICKR Core is up-to-date and so is Zwift on Apple TV. I have done a recent spindown on both.

I’ve been having lots of issues with my kickr core as well. This might just be because you go slower on dirt, but my kickr core has been reading low watts

Maybe sounds like your weight changed?

It depends on your in-game wheel/bike selection:

Having the same issues with my Wattbike/Apple TV set up. 200 watts on level ground goes from 22mph to 6mph as soon as I hit gravel. Everyone else disappears into the distance. Just about to hit level 25 and not had this problem before this week.

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_Gadders, sounds exactly like my issue. It’s not just that I slow down, I get that, it’s that it is hugely disproportional to every other rider.

I don’t know if we have anything else in common, but maybe it is Zwift on Apple TV that is the cause?

Hi Paul, thanks for your reply. Wheel choice can’t explain the differences here. My wheel choice shouldn’t be a 2x-3x speed difference on dirt versus others.

My core is showing good watts, I. E. 200 or so, but my avatar slows to 6mph. Something is not right.

Hi Liz, that would affect more than dirt, would have a big effect on hills, which I am not seeing.

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Okay, but it also depends on yo wheels or what kind of bike u use. The MTB is (that I’ve tried) is slow on gravel. (Or dirt) what kind of bike are u using rn?

What Gerrie said :sweat_smile:

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LOL @Liz_J

Zwift changed the rolling resistance of the dirt sections to make it more realistic, so road bikes is slower on dirt. If you do the jungle route pick the MTB it is nice and fast on the dirt.

Check this out.


Oh… grins I know that I just didn’t know THAT much lol! Thanks Gerrie!

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But here is the key: this is not happening to anyone else in my group of riders, just me. I go straight out the back. It is not my wheel choice or other in game option.

I think it is in the interface between my Kickr Core, and Zwift on the Apple TV. I think they aren’t “in agreement” with how to correctly process my data.

Is there a way to escalate this?

FWIW I’m on a Kickr Core as well, using ANT+, but on Windows 10. I rode the jungle yesterday, on a MTB, and got the jersey for fastest lap until someone took it about 10 minutes later.

Liz, I don’t know why gerrie linked my post like that, except that is what he does. It is out of context without my post before that in the same thread.

Okay gotcha! :sweat_smile::ok_hand:

Sorry @_MissT, it was not intended to go to your post. (fixed it to point to the first post in the thread)

I was adding it for background on the slower gravel.


Basically trying to help me out😅

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