I have been riding Zwift for years, love it. In the past month or do I’ve noticed that I am consistently being dropped when the paved road ends and a section of gravel comes up. In the past I would have to increase my watts a bit to account for the gravel, but now I have to work like crazy to stay with the group. I can see that the riders around me are only increasing out put just a little and pulling away, but I have to double my output and still being dropped.
Had something changed, is everyone else riding a gravel bike? Sent gravel bikes slower overall on paved roads? Is there a tire/wheel that I should choose that will help?
Help me to get rid of this gravel anchor….please

Hi @Barry_Chickloski and welcome to the forums.

First thing to check is to make sure you are on the latest update for Zwift. A few months ago the dirt sections around Zwift did have some changes made to the Crr rolling resistance, actually making road bikes go faster on dirt now.

Maybe you just need to update? Note that if you are on a PC it will update automatically so you don’t need to worry about that, but ipads, phones, apple tv’s sometimes need to be manually updated.