Anyone else being disproportionately penalized by gravel

Did group rides on The Big Ring course the last two days and on the gravel in the jungle and the short bit at the Italian villas the gravel seemed to be slowing me down much more than those around me…I had to put out .7-1.0 wkg more than those around me to not get dropped and there was another rider in the group mentioning the same…anyone else having this problem?

You need to be on the latest version of the game in order to get the recent reduction in Crr for the dirt and gravel sections, so check that first.

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Yes same thing has happened to me now twice. This evening I did a 1.3-1.5 ride which should be fine for me and on Sugar Cookie route I was pushing well over that and getting dropped - I managed 10 minutes and was done. Even when I started 3 months ago I just about managed the whole hour at that pace !! I updated Zwift in Apple TV about 10 days ago I think so should be ok? Being quite new I’ve got no idea how to address this.

The update came out a lot more recently than that - version 1.52. Check the App Store and update again.

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Been to the garage and checked and it hadn’t updated in Apple TV so I’m now definitely on 1.52 which came out on Thursday apparently. I first got dropped on the gravel on Friday morning so I’m hoping that sorted it! Thank you for the help

Yes, help much appreciated