Suddenly I get slower on sand paths than usual

Hello everybody,

during the last 2 to 3 rides I noticed that Zwift slowed me down every time I hit a sand path. I know that they put the resistance in and you are slower on sand and gravel, but now within seconds I go from 25 km/h to 8 km/h on a short section of sand 0% elevation using the same power evens cling harder. I have cycled that road many times before and normally it slows me down to may be 20 km/h. Is it Zwift or my wahoo kick that suddenly plays up? Help please!!!
Cheers Astrid

That sounds like a more drastic speed reduction than I’d expect. What bike and wheels are you on in-game? Is it any sand/gravel path or somewhere specific?

Hello Steve,

I am on the Trek Emonda and have the Zwift 32mm Carbon wheels. Although that shouldn’t be the problem, as I have had the wheels since I have started back in October and the bike I am using for 6 months now. I have noticed that sudden slowing down first time last week in Watopia on a short section of sand, I pedalled and pedalled and couldn’t get faster than 8 km/h and then today on Makuri Island, I signed up for the 2. stage off the maap, cycling with a group and when you leave Neokyo cycling through the tunnel to get to the country side, just after the tunnel is a short section of sand, we were doing 32 km/h, then came the section of sand path and whilst everyone cycled at the normal speed, I slowed down to 9 km/h despite pedalling like crazy to keep up with the group. Very frustrating! Needless to say I lost them. There was another section of sand path, same thing happened. I was so annoyed I gave up. So I think it is any sand/gravel path.

What sort of watts are you putting out when this happens, according to Zwift?

Is it a regular Kickr (direct drive) that you’ve got, or a Snap with your resr wheel still on?

Can you go up hills ok?