Skipping workout warmup?

I was taking an FTP ramp test, but had to deal with something. When I got back on the bike and restarted I couldn’t find a way to skip the warmup? Is that possible? I couldn’t just stop pedaling and watch the timer, because as soon as I stopped pedaling it would stop the timer. And I was plenty warmed up already.

Also, is there a way to abort a ramp test without changing my FTP setting? At least nicer than force quitting the app…

You can skip a block by using the TAB key or the companion app.

Skipping seems to be disabled on the ramp test. I had the same issue as the OP. It kind of makes sense for the actual test part, so I guess it’s just a limitation that the warm up is also part of the workout, hence can’t be skipped

You should not skip any part of the ramp test or any FTP test.