Bypass 'WARM UP' segment in FTP & RAMP tests

Hi, I’ve looked around but found no answers, so I’ll try here.

Does anyone know how to SKIP the 8-10 min, ‘Warmup’ segment at the start of the FTP and RAMP tests.
I’ve tried all the keys (left, right, up, down) at the bottom of the screen which are supposed to enable you to ‘skip’ or ‘redo’ a segment, but they don’t work on the ‘warmup’ segment.
Also, if I stop pedalling and go do something else for 8 minutes, the timer stops, so I still have to pedal for 8 minutes.
I’m already ‘warmed up’ and I just want to do the ramp test.
Anyone know how to bypass the ‘warmup’ segment?

The warm up is part of the test protocol. You need to do the test the same every time. Without the ftp warmup it is not a proper FTP test.

If you want to skip a workout block use TAB.

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Oh ! ‘TAB’ - the one thing I did not try. Thank you.
I thought that it was the blue ‘right arrow’ key at the bottom of the screen that skipped segments.

The reason I want to skip is that I have already done a 1/2 hour warmup ride.
If I ever start ‘cold’, I’ll do the 8 min warmup.
Thank you.