Ramp Test no stopping

Am I missing something. I just tried the ramp test. My understanding is once you reach a point that you cannot push for the minute, you stop pedalling and it asks you if you’re done. It should then let you finish the 10 mins easy pedal,. Mine didn’t stop asking me to do the power output and eventually I stopped it manually, but it just stopped and isn;t telling me anything.

What am I doing wrong? It also started a lot higher than I thought it would. Meaning I had to give up in the 3rd minute.

Did the wattage increase properly each step? (I’m assuming you’re using ERG mode).

If you’re on a very light gear ratio, there’s a limit to how much resistance the trainer can provide.
Make sure you start the ramp test on a mid range gear ratio (big ring on pedals and mid ring on rear cassette). That should enable to trainer to provide the power settings on the high power ramp values.

Yeh, I just left everything at default. Erg mode was on. 5 mins warm up and then first minute started at 205w (which was a lot higher than I expected), second minute was about 245 (can’t remember), 3rd minute 285, and I had to give up. So (as far as I can see) I stop peddling, and the test should ask if you’re done, stop, and then give 10 mins cool down. - but it didn’t. Onlyo way I could stop it was to stop manually.

Strange as FPT Ramp Test, after warmup, should begin at 100W increasing 20W per minute.

EDIT: My prev answer not correct and Guy above is spot on. Perhaps try the shorter Ramp test lite??

It worked on the second attempt. I have no idea what happened the first time :slight_smile:

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