Am I doing the ramp test right?

When I gas out at 300 or whatever, it makes me finish. I turn erg mode off and spin out the rest. But it keeps telling me I’m so strong and kicking butt and am going win a world championship and all that. Is that possibly the way it’s supposed to work?

Also, the Zwift pc app and the iOS companion have different power intervals. What’s up with that?

I dont believe you should be turning erg mode off, that’s what controls the resistance

I turn it off because I can’t turn the pedals for the full minute. Like I literally stop. I’m sure this happens to a lot of people.

I mean, the test can’t have a low ceiling, it’s gotta max is out. So what happens when you can’t pedal anymore?

Also, here are some sidebyside shots taken in rapid succession.

When you can’t pedal anymore the test ends there, after you can’t turn the pedal just finish the workout manually.

It looks like your ramp test just keeps on going while you are not reaching the power that is needed.

You should do the ramptest with a start ftp of 100. Finish each new ramp with ERG on. When you cannot finish the ramp you stop cycling. The app will automatically ask you if you are done. click “yes, I am toast”. And the ramp test finishes and gives you your new FTP

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Separate question. When you are done and can’t pedal anymore, it takes a few seconds for your power output to go down to zero and another second or two for the “are you done” window to show up. Does all that extra time affect your final result since the clock is still ticking?

I don’t know the eaxact number but I think Zwift use the 75% of your max 1 min power.

Small addition, I believe it is average of 1 minute max power