Skipped saving a track by accident

Dear fellow Cyclists,

yesterday I participated in “Vikings Valhalla Recovery” and at the end of the track I accidently skipped saving the track.
Seems as if it doesnt show in my tracks which were synched to Garmin Connect.
I can see the track in Zwift Companion though but there seems to be no option to synch it to Garmin after the skipping from yesterday.
Is there a way to synch this track in hindsight?

Thanks for your answers, Rob

If you are able to access the FIT file for the ride, you can upload it manually to Garmin Connect

Thank you very much Paul - you made my day!

I believe an export/import-function should be placed a bit more prominently but as long as people like you help people like me its not super-important.
This question has been asked in the past, of that I’m sure, but with the key-words I entered I didn’t find it - I wasn’t even near.

Thanks again, Kudos and Ride On!

Best of lucks, Rob

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