Giro Prologue NOT recorded in Garmin Connect

Is that just me but… my Giro Prologue was not exported to Garmin Connect.
Didn’t have any problems thus far - all finished Zwift event were in Garmin within seconds.
But not Giro.
Is it just me or more people have that problem ???


I did it two times today, but on another hw setup ( Windows instead of IOS ) than I normally do, and none of the two uploaded to Garmin - so same problem here.

Over the last days I’ve noticed uploads to Garmin is failing randomly so it might not be a Giro TT only issue ?


It did not upload to Garmin connect for me either.

I rode the Giro Saturday morning. No file uploaded to Garmin and on the Zwift Companion App it only shows 3.84 miles and 179 ft elevation. It seems to have stopped in the middle of the ride. Had I known that I wouldn’t have ridden up that stinking hill!
Zwift Companion app says, “Activity details could not be loaded.”

I think there was something weird in the .fit file. Mine also did not make it to Garmin. But I noticed in GoldenCheetha it lacked some information.

I downloaded the info .fit file from Zwift and imported to Garmin manually - looks ok

garmin didn’t sync for me… i rode on ATV. used the Stava file to use.

Same here. I see the activity in the companion app and zwift, but nowhere else. Plus, I didn’t recieve any unlockables. Was kinda hoping to get this nice pink cap/socks for the effort. :frowning:
Or do the things unlock after the event is finished?

Olga, I only got the socks , straight after finishing it on Sunday

It’s supposed to unlock instantly when you reach the finish line, and the companion app should show the unlocks too. If not you need to contact support and they’ll add it manually. Took about a day for them to add it for me.