New zwifter needs help with sync

Hi, I’m new to zwift and rode my 25km free trial today. After it was over I clicked save. The ride didn’t automatically save to strava and garmin as I hadn’t set that up yet.
Once I came back in the house I set up my strava and garmin accounts but the ride still hasn’t copied across. Is there an easy way to sync this ride without doing the whole fit file thing, I’m a bit of a technophobe!

Hi @Mark_Thompson5 welcome to Zwift forums.
Manually uploading the FIT file is the way to sync past sessions. There’s two methods: using the Zwift Companion on your mobile device, or via a desktop browser.

This page has a helpful video that will walk you through it.

Brilliant, thanks for the prompt response! I’ll have a look at the video, am I correct in saying that now I’ve set garmin and strava to sync this should happen automatically on future rides?

Yup! Moving forward, when you end a session and “save and upload”, that action triggers a sync between Zwift’s servers and the third party’s servers.

Many thanks!