Single Sign On (SSO) is Coming to ZwiftPower January 24!

Update: the original date of 19 Jan has been moved to 24 Jan for this implementation. This has been done in order to roll the changes out on a day of the week better suited to accommodate the race schedule, specifically the ZRL races.

Hey ZwiftPower racers!

Starting Monday Jan 24 [Jan after a brief maintenance (14:00 PST/22:00 UTC) ZwiftPower will utilize single sign on (SSO).

For a quick list of information, scroll down to the quick help guide at the bottom of this post.

This is something we’re excited to have for the site moving forward, as it means you will no longer need a separate username and password to sign into or register on ZwiftPower.

Instead, when logging in or registering, you will be redirected to the Zwift login where you will use your Zwift email and password to connect to ZwiftPower.

For all existing accounts on ZwiftPower:
Your results and profile will exist just as they did before this change. That means you’ll still be able to view your power, upload a dual analysis, change your race rules as an event organizer, etc.

If you’re creating a new account on ZwiftPower:

  1. You will need to first log into
  2. Opt-in to ZwiftPower on your Zwift account.
  3. After you’ve done that, you’ll head back to ZwiftPower and simply click “register with Zwift.”
  4. You should now be signed up for ZwiftPower and ready to view your results!

Getting familiar with the site? Check out or FAQ here.

And that’s it!

As always, if you see something that isn’t quite right or not working as you’d expect, please let us know here or by writing to us at

Ride On. :ride_on:

Quick help guide

What do I do if:

  • I’m a racer with an existing ZwiftPower account?
    • Your ZwiftPower account will not be changed or function differently, save for the login. When you click “login” you will be redirected to use your Zwift email and password and will then be brought back to the site as normal. You will no longer need to use a separate username and password to access ZwiftPower.
  • I’m registering on ZwiftPower for the first time?
    • Before registering on ZwiftPower, you will need to first log into and then opt-in to Zwiftpower on your Zwift account. Afterward, go to and click the “register with Zwift” button. You will be directed to use your Zwift email and password to complete sign up, and will then be registered on ZwiftPower.
  • I’m a race organizer for community races on ZwiftPower?
    • After logging in with your Zwift email and password, your account will function the same as it did before the sign on changes. You should still see the series you were running in all the usual places. Your administrative privileges for your races will not be changed.
  • I want to delete my ZwiftPower account? Can I still keep my Zwift account?
    • You can delete your ZwiftPower account if you no longer wish to have one. Your Zwift account will not be deleted. You’ll be able to re-create a ZwiftPower account with your same Zwift profile in the future should you wish to do so. If you want to delete your ZwiftPower account, check out this article.
  • I am under 16 and want to use ZwiftPower?
    • At this time, you must still be over 16 to use ZwiftPower. You can still race, but you won’t be able to use ZwiftPower.
  • I have a race happening during the down time?
    • During this time, ZwiftPower will be unavailable. You will not be able to login, check your results, look at live data, etc. Race results will be processed retroactively once the site is brought back up.

This feels like a great step in pursuit of cat enforcement (and SSO is just good sense anyway) - looking forward to seeing many more racers on ZP.


This is great! As a relatively new user the hoops you had to go to to hook up zp might have seemed small, but they were enough to keep me from getting a ZP account. Not knowing the history behind ZP and Zwift it was also odd to be signing in and copying IDs around to what looked to be a 3rd party site to get it up and running. This will streamline it a lot.


Excellent news. :+1:


I am incredibly stoked! Literally this is absolutely amazing. :drum: :boom: :clap: :cocktail:


Does this mean everyone over 16 automatically has a Zwiftpower account after this is implemented?

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The explanation seems to say that you still have to sign up, but that sign up will be easier than before.

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No. You still have to opt in.

This is brilliant news, thank you Zwift!

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I guess it opens up the opportunity of either:

Having some races only accessible to those that have opted in (race organiser choice)


Everyone has the data stored to be used, it’s just not shared publicly unless they opt in


That is good news… Baby steps…

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Hot diggety dawg! Christmas has come early in 2022! :smiley:

A great first step towards (hopefully) having everyone “on Zwift Power” by default. I don’t really get the need for separate opt-in or anything since Zwift Power isn’t a third party provider.

That aside, this will hugely streamline the process for people. :+1:t4:


Great news. Mad it’s taken this long though, another one on the long list of no brainers.
What next? UI customisation for your data like you can do with any cycling computer?


insert father ted careful now image




Thanks @xflintx great news but what’s with under 16 rule.

That is not a rule for zp right now or at least is not enforced. Zwift seems to be really going out their way to make it hard for kids to get involved in cycling. Is there any update since it’s been a few months now since restrictions were put in place?


I thought the restrictions were purely for the wtrl races? I know that a few youngsters participate in the Deeside winter series


When you say it’s not a rule for ZP right now, what do you mean?

If I think follow you correctly, it is currently a rule that you ahve to be over 16 to have a ZwiftPower account. We have a check box on registration that says “I am over 16 years of age.” I understand that enterprising young Zwifters will likely simply click the box and lie, as I’ve done that many times in my youth as well on the internet.

Regardless, the short answer to what’s being done - at least from what I understand - is lots and lots of legal red tape allowing for slow progress. There are many considerations for U16 racers in particular. I realize we’re not the only platform in the world to let kids be on it, we just have to navigate it slowly and surely. Wish I had more info for you, but I’m not so close to that issue.


Just meant that I’ve never looked at terms as most people don’t so was not aware of any restriction on u16 :rofl:

But there are lots and lots of u16 on zwift that race so hopefully the red tape issues can be addressed to allow that to continue.