Single Sign On (SSO) is Coming to ZwiftPower January 24!

Looking forward to watch this evolve and help with category enforcement. This has the feeling of a big year for racers on Zwift :pray:

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Two questions about this:

  1. Am I allowed to write a script which will read API / json files, while using my personal Zwift credentials (which will be sufficient to access the data starting January 24th)? Or should (and can) I access this data in a different way?
  2. Is it allowed, to use fetched data (as described above) and create (3rd party) functionality for Zwift races as long as person data is anonymized?

Thank you for your help!


Is it just me, or is this possibly a bad time to roll this out, just before ZRL on the 25th?

Possibly implementing it 24 hours later after ZRL finished for the week would be safer …

Hey folks, SSO has been implemented and looks to be running smoothly. We’ll keep an eye on it as the week progresses to make sure no issues emerge.

I’m locking this thread down as the original purpose of it was to inform you all and answer questions prior to the rollout.

Ride On. :ride_on: