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Now that SSO is a thing and I know there is a plan to have pen recommendation / enforcement coming, can there be an official Zwift recommendation for racers to go ahead and activate their Zwift Power accounts and start the process of understanding what this info means and why this is important.
I still feel there are some riders who don’t realize they are out of cat.
Maybe at the initial log on, in addition to prompts to get a towel and lube my chain , you can recommend people sign up with Zwift power or, if they are all already signed up, check out their stats.


Seems like it would be good for them to have implemented a prompt in the game for specific flows when you join a race to opt-in to Zwift Power rather than having to dig for it in settings. Like… when you add a race to your calendar, or while you’re sitting in a pen waiting for a race to start they could give you a “Hey, enable Zwift Power to get the following benefits…” prompt…

Doesn’t matter so much for folks who don’t race (so maybe don’t do it on initial app launch), but seems like a good idea to streamline it in any of the mainline racing UX flows.

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It could be that the pen enforcement is dependent on data from Zwift Power, and that registering therefore will be mandatory for racing. If so, users should be redirected to ZP registration when signing up for a race, if they are not registered.

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… if pen enforcement is turned on by the race organiser.

Pen enforcement won’t always make sense, especially in it’s initial guise, and I am sure Zwift will still want races open for anyone to join even if they don’t have ZP.


Zwiftpower consent should simply be a prerequisite for entering a race, any race. (For group rides it is not necessary in the same way.)


I’m not entirely sure why Zwiftpower would require separate consent at this point at all, legally speaking. Maybe it’s more that they want to maintain the separation b/c of design and tech differences…


I was wondering that as well, I mean, if it’s owned by the same company, it does seem odd you need to link the accounts moving forward (at least for new users who are signing into Zwift for the first time). It seems they would be able to update their privacy policy and terms of service to include the data kept within Zwift Power at some point.

Oh, I’m sure it isn’t necessary (or at least it can be enabled with minor privacy policy tweaks), but since joining ZP means your event data become much more visible and analyzed in all kinds of new ways, having it behind a separate consent makes my inner data protection nerd (20th century dinosaur) happy.


This is the primary reason that ZwiftPower and Zwift require separate consents at this time. The team is working on making the integration between the two more seamless, but I don’t know what that will look like in the future. In the meantime, since ZwiftPower has very different levels of visibility than Zwift does the dual consent is in place protect members from accidentally sharing more information than they meant to.

The other thread is locked so sorry for the hijack, but is everyone else having to log into ZP every time? Obviously it’s only one click now, but wondering why it doesn’t just keep me logged in.

I just went and checked, but no, I’m still logged in. Last time I looked at ZP was days ago.

Checked on Chrome and Firefox (Win 10).

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Thanks, maybe my adblocker etc then.

I’m running ABP and UO. ABP has blocked nothing and UO only 2 things (Google Tag Manager and Datadog).

Maybe I’ve changed settings somewhere along the line, but I think I have them at defaults.

Yeah I have UO, using Chrome. It keeps me signed in for a while, but only a few hours I think. I’m always logged into so it’s not that, I just have to press the orange button on ZP and then it lets me in.

Not to worry, thanks for checking.

I have to login more often now.

Login each time.

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Yes, I have to login to ZP a lot more often now, pretty much every time I go there.

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desktop seems ok but mobile I need to login pretty much every day

desktop login nearly every time. I saw flint comment in a post somewhere earlier today that they are looking into it.