Zwift Power - do you need it to Race

Hi All First post on Zwift Forums, sorry if this has been asked before.
Not raced on Zwift yet but looking to have a go in the near future. Do i have to have a “zwift power” account in order to race?
What is the reason and benefit for having a Zwiftpower account?
Many thanks Jon

You don’t need a ZwiftPower account to race in Zwift.

However it shows filtered results (which takes out all the [registered] people entering the wrong category and/or exceeding the category limits in that race) and is a way to track your results and progress. As such, most regular racers have an account and it’s therefore deemed to be a truer set of results than those seen on screen in the game or Companion app.


You definitely want to have a Zwiftpower account. The data is MUCH deeper and better. And when you start racing, the results more better. And there’s more: You get a bunch of metrics related to your personal performance with numbers and scores so you’re racing against yourself all the time. You’ll get addicted to seeing those numbers improve and when ZP gets fouled up, and it will, you will fall into a foaming rage!

That’s what you have to look forward to here… :crazy_face:

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It’s not just for racing.
It will show all your metrics in group rides too.

Hi All and many thanks for the really useful info - looks like I will go and get a Zwift power account. Thank you & Ride ON