What is ZwiftPower anyway?

I see events on Zwift’s site that say things like “Remember to create a ZwiftPower account and connect ZwiftPower with your Zwift”.

But when I visit zwiftpower’s site, it doesn’t say what it is, it just says I need to log in. I could probably create an account, but I don’t know why I would want one. What is it? What does it do?

It’s a former third-party website (now owned and operated by Zwift) that was created and curated by the racing community, primarily to filter sandbaggers and other bellends out of race results in lieu of Zwift doing anything about cheating on the platform. It has other features - again to address things missing from the game itself - but providing ‘real’ results is its main purpose.


Sounds like the front/login page for non-logged-in users could be a bit more informative… Here’s a wild idea: a proper onboarding flow for group rides and races.


Well now you’re going entirely off the reservation Anna. Zwift could do that but it’s going to be Zoon. Or later.

The Zwift faq is actually pretty useful. It would be even more useful if it was linked from Zwiftpower sign-up itself!


Thanks Douglas. It didn’t occur to me to look there since it’s not obvious that Zwift owns ZwiftPower.

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