Changes to Zwiftpower Site Design - April 2022

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that Zwiftpower will shortly start looking a bit different. We wanted to give it a little bit of a makeover to make it look a bit more modern, which you’ll be able to see on April 25th.

The most notable change we’ve made is the addition of the ‘Statistics’ button on the secondary toolbar; you’ll notice it next to ‘Riders.’ This is where you will now find the overall records for things like distance, the site statistics and the definitions of categories.

We also made the “Join Event at” button much easier to spot for all upcoming events. It will still take you right to the event signup page for that event.

Other minor changes include changing the font, making all tables a little easier to read and less cluttered, and some colour change as well

Please let me know of any feedback you have once live and I’ll be happy to pass onto our design team.

Many thanks,

Looking forward to the new look! Do you have any screenshots of what we can expect it to look like?

The 25th is Monday, so you don’t have long to wait!


:sob: I will probably need some hours to review my scraping tool.

But good idea

I hope refresh performance will be improve :crossed_fingers:t2:
And bug fixed

Ride on

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Nice! Any chance there will be a stat for CP and MAP along with Cat Enforcement category on the rider profile page :slight_smile:


Hope team ranking will be take on 6 riders instead of 3.

Update bug for “ event unknown”

Team => Signups ?
Table is always empty
It’s why I proposed :

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These are design changes, not functionality.

I look forward to seeing this; and I am glad you are still looking to update ZP…… still kinda feel like it should all be part of one site though should just have ALL the same data and functionality without having to go to a different website now that you control it all.

THEN maybe it should all just be available and visible in the game application too?!?!…… especially with the new UI?!


Edit: I was looking at a race with Primes so maybe that’s why. Doesn’t do it on a race without it.

When looking at the results of a race, the new font size means that not all the data fits on the page and I have to scroll to the right to see the last two columns. I don’t think that was the case before.

Firefox on Win10.

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As Arend has noted, these changes have now gone live.

Maybe tables look more modern (de gustibus) but definitely are not easier to read. Step backwards IMO


Why do you think that? There is more spacing and the fonts are bigger. How is it not easier to read?

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I’ve just downloaded FF and tested this. If I don’t have it set to the full window I get the same.

Are you able to zoom out slightly?

That’s the point, lot more scrolling needed, spaces between rows are way too big. There’s a reason default spreadsheets in excel for example look like they look, you should copy proportions from there not invent the wheel again.


Also it would be useful if it was possible to define (or at least retain last view) which columns are displayed in the evant results.


Also issues on seemingly most mobile platforms. It ia currently unusable with only one/two columns visible at once. Yet another disappointment that even basic testing hasn’t been carried out before implementation. It isn’t difficult to run a mock site first!

Here are some screenshots, the last one is in desktop screen mode which is still worse than normal mobile mode was previously.

Yeah, its completely unusable on the phone now.

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