Missing ride leader options in Zwiftpower

Hey team! Putting this here because I think this is where I get support for the forums that run the Zwift power website. I’ve been a ride leader for several years and edit the race results online using the option drop-down in the results page located in Zwift power.

With the transition to the new layout, which I love it looks great, I have lost my ride leader status for my ride.

I’m still a ride leader because I can submit requests, update my ride, change the title, all the good things. But I can’t do it here inside the zwift power panel. Any ideas?

It’s likely that the event hasn’t automatically been tagged with your group, meaning you’re not able to edit it.

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The name change for this week does not contain the tag assigned to you.

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Got it…I’ll change it back to TeamEN can I get a new name tag at all?

I’m happy to tag your event correctly if you tell me which event and what the tag should be.


Thanks Sticky :slight_smile:

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All updated

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@JamesBailey can you do me a solid and let me know what the action should be on my side? Do I need to rename it to Team EN?

I still don’t have access so want to make sure.

What’s the full name of your team? Struggling to find your series.

Dammit I tried php?=teamen

[quote=“P Mac [EXN], post:9, topic:583986, username:P_Mac_EXN_ODZ”]
I still don’t have access so want to make sure.

If you visit: ZwiftPower - Login

Then click on settings (if you’re the admin you’ll be able to) you can then set up rules which Zwiftpower will then cross reference and automatically tag your events when they are named as such.

Currently they need to contain Team EN.

Ok so I should set
It to TeamEN From the drop-down and then also change the name of the event itself to include team EN? Or is just the drop-down change enough?

Righ now my personal team tag in Zp is [EXN] , just want to make sure I’m getting this right.

Change Event name back to Team EN Hang-On Ride or Team EN whatever

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Request submitted!! Thanks!

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And replied to :slight_smile: