Tag missing on race - needed on series

Somehow the tag is missing on one of SloZL race and it’s not pulled to ZP SloZL series. I will get the tag fixed for next week’s race but for today’s race, I need help from ZP support.

Pls add/tag this event https://zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=1716509 to this series Zwift Power - Slovenian Zwift League Series


Anyone from zwift able to help us out here?!
We can edit our old events on ZP, one example here: Zwift Power - SloZl - Fight for Jersey (4/11)

But, last few weeks we can’t edit our Sunday race events anymore.
Pls can you link these ZP events to our club:

You need to make requests via zwiftpower@zwift.com - the Zwiftpower team dont monitor forums like Sticky did with the old ZP forums.

Thanks for the tip. I sent an email days ago, no reply :frowning:

I also sent a desperate email to clubs address if they can link us to zp support folks.
It’s sad that we can’t get this simple thing fixed. It will just push us away from running leagues on zwift.


I added the Race IDs for you. Make sure the race titles in your series settings match your event names.

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