Single player career mode training plans

(Alex) #1

If Zwift were a playstation/xbox video game, it would definitely have a single player career mode. Start out as an amateur and work yourself up through the rankings. Go pro, learn how to be a domestique, and eventually have domestiques work for you.

Progress through the game would be based on a training plan - so you wouldn’t actually need to be putting out pro wattage to “win” single player mode. It would just be a fun story to follow that would be an entertaining option to the crowded course.

(Adam) #2

Alex, so what you are proposing is some additional solo gaming experience.
Well, maybe an extreme example, but what about zombies chasing? (as one of the solo stages)

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(Alex) #3

Correct - a single player version with a story. Zombies could definitely be involved - they have real life zombie runs, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch at all.

(Tim) #4

You can ride by yourself.
Just load the game as you usually do then from your computers settings or WiFi icon, disconnect from your WiFi.
The game will run as usual but all the other riders will disappear because the game is not getting updated info about everyones position and speed.
Your all alone.

Make sure you reconnect to your WiFi before quitting for your ride to be recorded.
The off / on WiFi changes occur instantaneous.
While your computer was not getting up to date info for everyone else, the Zwift server was not getting your ride info either.

Of course, riding alone is counter to Zwift’s original mission of promoting riding together in an in door experience but it is doable.

(Adam) #5

Well…the whole point that Alex spoke about is not actually “ride by yourself”, but rather ride a solo missions (even if there are other rides around) with some gaming features.

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(Alex) #6

Thanks Adam - yeah, I know you can ride by yourself - and if none of your friends are online, a lot of your rides feel like you’re alone anyway. Some type of story/career mode could keep Zwift fresh. Even missionsor quests could be cool:

-Deliver this medicine to the top of the volcano in the next 30 minutes to save a scientist that is sick
-Get to the top of Radio hill in time for the 7pm tv show to broadcast correctly
-See how long you can run/bike from zombies
-Capture the flag with teams (not solo)
-Race a seaplane that you see parked at the dock

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(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #7

Have you guys played with Zwift GPS, they have two games Gold rush and zwiftquest.

It is a lot of fun, I have a second screen on my Zwift PC and play gold rush from time to time with friends.

(Alex) #8

I have not heard of that - but that’s exactly the type of stuff I’d been thinking about. I’ll check it out.

It’d be cool to have this (and much more) integrated into the actual game.

(Mike ) #9

I quite like the idea of a solo career mode, would add an interesting twist on things.

(Tim) #10

Wow, that is really cool. I had not heard of that either.
3 years and level 24 and I’m still learning new things about Zwift.

Sorry I misunderstood the original question.

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